Transforming the Difficult Child:
The Nurtured Heart Approach

By Howard Glasser and Jennifer Easley
(European and British Commonwealth Edition)

Out of print

ISBN 1-903269-10-5
256 pages, paperback
RRP: £12.99


This book is about helping parents and carers with really 'difficult' children to help their child succeed and flourish. Many parents feel overwhelmed by their high-energy children and find that conventional methods of parenting simply don't work. They feel their child is becoming uncontrollable and worry what will happen as the child grows up.

Howard Glasser and Jennifer Easley call their approach to this challenge the Nurtured Heart Approach. The book and the approach have enjoyed enormous success in the USA and Howard Glasser now presents his approach all over the world through seminars and workshops.

The essence of the Nurtured Heart Approach is about strategically creating actual experiences of success for children within the context of their activities and their relationships. The approach is conducted in steps. Each step is defined by a recommended strategy that adds to the preceding ones in a way that builds a progressive framework and complete system for parenting even the most challenging child.

The techniques should be applied only as intensively as the situation merits. Already the approach has helped thousands of families who previously felt their child was hopelessly stuck. The authors believe that a challenging child can have an essential change of nature and can begin to use his or her intensity in remarkably positive ways.

"I am filled with hope for my seven year old grandson who has been diagnosed as having ADHD. I am also filled with remorse that no such approach was available for me to pursue with my eldest daughter who is now almost 40" - Sonja Heimich - USA

Howard Glasser, M.A., a family therapist and behavioural strategist, devised new technologies for working with the difficult child in the home and classroom that are presented in this book. He has been training parents, teachers and therapists in Tucson, Arizona for many years and now conducts workshops and seminars world wide presenting his revolutionary but highly workable Nurtured Heart Approach.

Jennifer Easley, M.A. is a child mental health specialist and certified counsellor in the USA who has worked for over 15 years with 'difficult' children and their families in community health settings. She has worked with Howard Glasser in Tucson and now lives in Seattle.

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