DUNN'S LAW GUIDES - CIVIL LITIGATION'Be civil: A guide to learning civil litigation and evidence'4th Edition 
'Be civil: A guide to learning civil litigation and evidence'
4th Edition

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“ … a shorter, simpler guide to civil procedure is always so welcome. Be Civil! ticks all the necessary boxes. It is concise, but does not omit or ignore anything of importance … it is written in a very clear and focused way, allowing everyone (be they students, young practitioners or even crusty judges) to understand the essential elements.”
From the Foreword by Lord Justice Coulson, Editor-in-Chief of the White Book


This fourth edition of Be Civil! has been up-dated to include amendments to the Civil Procedure Rules as at April 2023, and to reflect recent and significant changes both to the Bar’s centrally set examination syllabus and the manner in which the required knowledge is assessed. With revision tips and a dedicated chapter on examination technique, this accessible book remains an ideal text for students engaged in legal professional programmes, especially those on Bar training courses. Whether as an introduction, overview or revision guide, it provides invaluable support, and even moments of welcome humour, to those wanting to learn about civil procedure and evidence.


• ‘Essential reading’
• ‘Manages the difficult feat of making its subject matter both interesting and fun’’
• ‘A ‘The Part 36 chapter … ‘is just a marvel’’’
• ‘Makes everything more straightforward and contextualised’’

• ‘It is … ‘like being able to chat with someone knowledgeable and friendly’’’
• ‘I thoroughly recommend it to anyone about to commence Bar training’’

Virginia Dunn has more than 30 years’ experience teaching litigation and evidence to students training for the Bar. She is currently a Visiting Lecturer at the City Law School and is the author of the companion guide to this book, It’s Criminal!: A guide to learning criminal litigation, sentencing and evidence.

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