Temper Temper 
Temper Temper

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By Norman Silver, 2010

Jonathon isn't very good at getting his own way...until a hairy monster called Temper Temper arrives. Temper Temper shows him how to perform the most amazing tantrums. Together they scowl and howl and rant and rage! Jonathon gets his own way and Temper Temper is delighted. But one day his family decides they've had enough...

We are pleased to re-introduce this highly popular children's book suitable for children aged between 4 and 10. Skilfully written by Norman Silver and brilliantly illustrated by Julie Park, no shame is attached to Jonathon as he realises the ultimate futility of his temper tantrums. Ideal for stimulating discussion about anger management and as a tool for developing literacy.

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