What can I do with the kid who...: A teacher's quick guide to dealing with disruptive pupils (and their parents) 
What can I do with the kid who...: A teacher's quick guide to dealing with disruptive pupils (and their parents)

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By Marie Delaney, 2010

All teachers know there can always be a challenging pupil in any class. This book starts from what is directly observable in class.

A disruptive pupil who:

..continually calls out
..rubbishes their own work
..is too quiet and withdrawn
..can't sit still, provokes and distracts others
..bullies and abuses teacher and otherpupils
..can't follow instructions

Marie Delaney goes straight to the heart of the meaning of this behaviour in this quick and easy to follow guide. She describes how teachers can recognise what 'behaviour as communication' really means. She shows teachers, step by step, what they can say and do in response. Throughout the book's worked examples, reference will be made also to the role of parents, how they should be involved and approached and what to say to them. The clarity and insight presented by the best selling author of 'Teaching the Unteachable' will inspire teachers everywhere, giving them real confidence to overcome classroom disruption and focus on teaching settled children.

Chapter 1: Brief definitions and summaries of why child behaviour is a form of communication, focusing on the effects of early childhood abuse, loss and neglect on learning and relationships. Includes sample list of questions teachers should ask about each child.
Chapters 2-10: Each chapter examines one typical aspect of challenging behaviour. Using real life case studies, each worked example shows how to apply this framework of thinking, and then suggests what could be said or done in response.

The Author
Marie Delaney is an experienced teacher and educational psychotherapist and the Director of the Learning Harbour, Cork in Ireland. Through workshops, training and writing she has developed an outstanding reputation for clearly explaining workable, practical ways of overcoming challenging behaviour in class.

A practical resource for teachers, psychologists, parents, SENCO's, support staff, educational therapists, counsellors, play therapists, Sure Start and nursery staff, governors, educational policy makers, and all involved in facilitating pupils' learning and well-being.

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