Attachment in the Classroom 
Attachment in the Classroom

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By Heather Geddes PhD, 2006

In the light of the recent Green Paper, "Every Child Matters", the need for all schools and teachers to become more informed about links between mental health and learning becomes a high priority.

Attachment in the Classroom is a clear, practical and accessible resource for teachers, parents, SENCO's and governors. It is the first book to firmly locate Attachment Theory in the day-to-day learning experiences of children and their teachers.

Heather Geddes, an educational therapist drawing on a wealth of experience, explores the significance of the relationship between the pupil, the teacher and the learning task, linking it to emotional development, behaviour and attachment experiences. She identifies a "learning profile" related to each attachment style, and explores the conditions under which a school may be considered as a "secure base", for the children learning and growing there, and for the staff, parents within the context of the wider community.

Each chapter concludes with workable suggestions for teachers, enabling them to move from reacting to reflecting, and thus developing every pupil's resilience potential.

A practical resource for teachers, parents, SENCO's and governors.

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