Developmental Movement for Children 
Developmental Movement for Children

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By Veronica Sherborne - 2nd edition with new introduction by Janet Sparkes, 2001

"Veronica Sherborne's greatest talent was her ability to see through to the heart of the child ... her work remains an inspirational resource in the field of Special Education. This latest edition of her seminal text will ensure that Developmental Movement for Children remains accessible to teachers, and can be integrated into National Curriculum Programmes of Study for PE."
Professor Barry Carpenter OBE, Chief Executive, Sunfield School, UK

"The elements that make up this approach are more relevant today because of our increasing knowledge of the neurobiology of emotional development of the young child, and the need for positive sensory motor interactions to facilitate optimum brain development and increased knowledge of the self in relation to others..... the concepts and principles are extremely useful in facilitating parents and young children in repairing and enhancing their attachment relationship."
Tassillie Dent MSc, Chartered Psychologist(Alberta), Registered Clinical Counsellor (B.C.) Canada

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A new edition of this classic text, with a new introduction, resource list and with commentary from experienced practitioners who have been inspired by Veronica Sherborne�s work. The book shows how developmental movement plays a crucial role in the lives of children. Central to Sherborne's theory is the belief that relating to oneself and other people are essential for the satisfactory development of us all. Gentle, practical and accessible, and illustrated with more than 50 photographs, including several new ones. This book will also be of interest to those working in the field of neurological connections to attachment and emotional development.

The Author
Veronica Sherborne originally trained as a PE teacher and physiotherapist. Through her contact with Rudolf Laban�s work, she worked with children with physical and emotional difficulties as well as their parents, teachers and therapists. She was respected internationally for her teaching; the first edition of Developmental Movement for Children quickly sold out and provided inspiration to many studying and working in this field as well as in mainstream education.

Of interest to caregivers, parents, teachers, physiotherapists, creative arts therapists, social workers, nursery teachers and nurses.

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"In the field of Special Education, Veronica Sherborne was a legend in her own lifetime. This new edition is a long awaited and welcome celebration of her work. It provides a sensitive analysis of Laban's theory of human involvement and is illustrated with striking examples from her own distinctive and imaginative practice. Her starting point is the development of relationships through movement - the basis of a means to promote inclusive practice. It is essential reading for all new and experienced teachers."
Dr Christina Tilstone, Senior Lecturer in Education, University of Birmingham, UK


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