Isn't it About Time?-
How to stop putting things off
and get on with your life.

by Andrea Perry

ISBN 1-903269-03-2.
266 pages, paperback
RRP: £12.99

"I was totally impressed with it. It's rare that I come across a self-help book that I actually enjoy...this is very helpful"
Dr. Pam Spurr - Psychologist, LBC Radio

"This book should come with a written warning. You no longer have any excuses. It makes you horribly productive."
Susan Elderkin, author of "Sunset over Chocolate Mountains" (Fourth Estate), Winner of the 2002 Orange Prize Futures Young Female Writers to Watch Out For, and on the Granta 2003 list of Best British Young Novelists.

"In the same genre as "Families and How to Survive Them" (John Cleese and Dr. Robyn Skinner); it made me think, laugh, and get on with this review"
Dr. Geoff Pelham, Head of Counselling and Psychotherapy at Leeds Metropolitan University

Do you procrastinate?  Find yourself putting things off until tomorrow - later - this year, next year, sometime, never?  Procrastination stops you getting on with your life whole-heartedly.  At best, a frustrating habit; at worst, it can ruin dreams, cause stress, back ache, anxiety and obsessive thinking, sexual difficulties and problems with relationships. It consumes energy, imagination and time - and can ultimately deplete your life of colour and meaning. And if you live with someone who procrastinates, it can drive you up the wall!

The Author

Andrea Perry is an experienced therapist who recognises that if people could “just do it”, with or without fear, they would. She describes how we need to develop trust in our abilities to follow our own logic into satisfying action, and how procrastination is a strategy to compensate for significant gaps in this process. She shows you how to identify how you block your natural tendency to be effective and creative, and how to build on your strengths and give your tendency to procrastinate something better to do. Accessible and practical, illustrated with humorous and pertinent cartoons, Isn't it About Time provides a rich variety of ideas which help you overcome delay and accomplish what you need and want to do - today, not tomorrow.

Andrea Perry is a psychotherapist and dramatherapist. She has worked with people with mental health problems, run a private therapy practice and taught counselling.

Andrea is also the author of The Little Book of Procrastination - why not buy both?


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