It was that one moment...
Dan Hughes’ poetry and reflections on a life of
making relationships with children and young people
by Dan Hughes

Publication Date: November 2011
ISBN 9781903269213
RRP: £14.99


Worth Publishing is honoured to be publishing clinical psychologist Dan Hughes’ first book of poems which draw inspiration from a lifetime’s work with children and young people from traumatic early backgrounds.

Each poem is tenderly crafted, reflecting Dan’s extraordinary capacity to notice and value even the most subtle and transitory movement in a child’s face, indicative of what might be going on inside him or her. The poems reveal his profound understanding of the pain, hurt and yearning fostered and adopted children carry with them, and the strength and courage it takes them to begin to believe that some adults can actually be trusted. Dan Hughes also shares with the reader what triggered him to write many of the poems, giving us an intimate understanding of how he views children, relationships, the demands working with trauma places on professionals and the centrality of empathy in all our interactions.

A book for anyone who has learnt from or been moved by Dan Hughes’ work or Dan Hughes himself.

The Author
Dan Hughes is a clinical psychologist with extensive experience of working with profoundly traumatised children and adolescents, who have attachment difficulties and are living in adoptive or foster families. His treatment approach, known as Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, his highly acclaimed publications and the personal and down-to-earth nature of his presentations and training style have influenced a generation of professionals working with children and adolescents in the UK and the USA.

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