Guidelines for Authors

Thank you for expressing interest in offering a book for publication. We are very interested to learn more about your idea.

In order for us to judge whether to consider publication we ask you to provide the following information. We also hope the questions will be of use to you in thinking about your material. Please place your answers against the paragraph numbers below.

(i) Please provide us with a synopsis of the working outline for your book, including chapter headings, a breakdown of the structure, and a provisional working title.
(Please do not send chapters or your complete book in any form at this stage as they will not be read).

(ii) Please provide your biography, including any other publications and experience relevant to this title

(iii) Please describe your target audience or interest group. Which professional organisations or bodies may be interested? Is the book of interest to families? Is the book relevant for training? Please give as much information as possible, including how you imagine each group would hear about the book.

(iv) What is the approximate size of each interest group?

(v) How do you arrive at these figures?

(vi) How many words/pages (approx.) do you expect the book to be?

(vii) How does your book differ from others in the field, on the same or similar subject? (please give titles, authors and ISBN where possible)

(viii) Would illustration be required? Or photographs? Please describe how you visualise the book.

(ix) What contribution would you expect to be able to make to promotion? (ie within training programmes, workshops, contacts with media, specific organisations etc) UK? Eire? Europe? Other areas/regions/countries?

(x) Please enclose any relevant supporting information (eg communication from allied professionals expressing interest in the title, reviews of previous books, feedback on related work etc

This information will be very useful in helping us to judge the potential of your book. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please write to: The Commissioning Editor
Worth Publishing Ltd
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Cheltenham Road
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01386 853999
or e-mail:

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