Key Concepts in Transactional Analysis
Contemporary Views - Ego States

Edited by Charlotte Sills and Helena Hargaden

ISBN 1-903269-05-9
288 pages, paperback
RRP: £27.99

Introduction: The book offers a comprehensive overview of approaches to ego state work within transactional analysis. It is intended to provide a coherent overview of the state of the art in the theory of ego states in transactional analysis.

It begins with an introduction to ego psychology with reference to the main psychoanalytic theorists whose work has shaped TA as well as a description of ego states as first presented by Eric Berne. The following chapters are contributions from leading clinicians whose approach is largely founded in transactional analysis. These authors present their own understanding of the ego states under discussion and describe how they use the concept in their work. The final chapter is a review of the various approaches presented with comments and afterthoughts by the editors.

Readership: Intended for senior psychotherapy trainees and qualified psychotherapists both in TA and in other approaches.

Charlotte Sills MA, MSc (TA Psychotherapy), Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (ITAA.) Psychotherapist and Supervisor in private practice. Head of Transactional Analysis Department, Metanoia Institute. Tutor on Integrative Psychotherapy and Supervision Courses.

Helena Hargaden BA (Hons), MSc (TA Psychotherapy) Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (EATA) Psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice. Tutor on MSc in TA Psychotherapy Course at Metanoia Institute. Visiting tutor on other TA/Integrative Courses.

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