Attachment Aware Schools Series
Box Set of 5 Books
by Louise Michelle Bombèr

ISBN 9781903269367
RRP: £75.00



Book 1:  The Key Adult in School

When a school allocates a teaching assistant or mentor to a troubled pupil who has experienced significant relational traumas and losses, the Key Adult needs some guidelines so they can prepare themselves to optimise the precious time they have together with the child.

For the Key Adult this first guide covers: 1-Know your own story: 2-Manage your stress: 3-Know your role: 4-Know your pupil: 5-Advocacy.



Book 2:  The Senior Manager-INCO/SENCO/Assistant Head

The senior managers in schools hold a strategic position and can be very influential in terms of facilitating inclusion on every level, especially for those pupils who have previously been at serious risk of being misunderstood and excluded.

This second guide in the series covers: 1-The ethos: 2-The school environment: 3-Policy and practice: 4-Keeping the momentum going: 5-Facilitating staff care.



Book 3:  The Class/Form Tutor in School

Teachers can play a significant role in Attachment Aware practices. They also need to be protected to teach, especially with classes of 30plus pupils.

This third guide in the series covers:  1-Protecting your role: 2-The developmental journey: 3-The learning environment: 4-Curriculum content: 5-The use of praise and shame.



Book 4: Team Pupil in School

The Team Pupil within a school consists of 4 or 5 members of staff working together on behalf of troubled pupils in their care.

This fourth guide in the series covers: 1-Holding boundaries: 2-Working in partnership to settle the pupil: 3-Resilience: 4-Advocacy: 5-Holding on to success.



Book 5: The Parent/Carer in School

The parent/carer has a significant contribution to make to a pupil's capacity to settle to learn and to progress in the school setting.

This fifth guide in the series covers: 1-Roles and responsibilities: 2-Working as a team with school staff: 3-Stressors and calmers: 4-Mapping progress: 5-Transition planning and preparation.

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