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Bridging the Gap for Troubled Pupils, Book 1: The Key Adult in School

ISBN 9781903269282

Attachment in the Classroom
ISBN 1-903269-08-3

Conversations that Matter
Talking with children and teenagers in ways that help

ISBN 9781903269244

Inside I'm Hurting:
Practical Strategies for supporting children
with attachment difficulties in school

ISBN 1-903269-11-3

Making Friends:
How the Friendly Group Supports Children and
Young People on the Autism Spectrum

ISBN 9781903269381

School as a Secure Base: How Peaceful Teachers can create Peaceful Schools
ISBN 9781903269237

Settling Pupils to learn: Why Relationships Matter in School
ISBN 9781903269220

Teaching the Unteachable:
what to do when all else fails

ISBN 1-903269-12-1

Teenagers and Attachment:
helping adolescents to engage with life and learning

ISBN 1-903269-13-X

Temper Temper
ISBN 1-903269-19-9

What About Me?
Inclusive strategies to support pupils with attachment
difficulties make it through the school day

ISBN 1-903269-18-0

What can I do with the kid who...
A teacher's quick guide to dealing with disruptive pupils (and their parents)

ISBN 1-903269-14-8

You Think I'm Evil:
Practical strategies for working with rebellious and aggressive adolescents

ISBN 1-903269-16-4

Law Books

‘Be civil: A guide to learning civil litigation and evidence’
3rd Edition

ISBN 9781903269350

‘It's Criminal: A Guide to Learning Criminal Litigation, Evidence and Sentencing’
2nd Edition

ISBN 9781903269251

Therapy and Other Books

Caring for People with Learning Disabilities who are Dying
ISBN 1-903269-17-2

ISBN 1-903269-09-1

Counselling Skills for Creative Arts Therapists
ISBN 1-903269-00-8

Developmental Movement for Children
ISBN 1-903269-04-0

Isn't it About Time? - How to stop
putting things off and get on with your life
ISBN 1-903269-03-2

It was that one moment...
Dan Hughes’ poetry and reflections on a life of
making relationships with children and young people

ISBN 9781903269213

Key Concepts in Transactional Analysis
Contemporary Views - Ego States

ISBN 1-903269-05-9

Little Book of Procrastination
ISBN 1-903269-06-7

Little Venice, London: An Illustrated Guide
ISBN 1-903269-01-6

Loss and Learning Disability
ISBN 1-903269-02-4

Money Matters for Therapists
ISBN 1-903269-07-5

Transforming the Difficult Child: The Nurtured Heart Approach
ISBN 1-903269-10-5

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